What is vipVPN?

The vipVPN service gives you secure, anonymous and unrestricted internet. To use it you need internet connection, on this a secure encrypted channel is established, which bypasses the normal service provider restrictions and hides you from prying eyes.

Encrypts your internet communication

The communication between the client computer and the internet is forwarded with military grade encryption, hiding it from the internet provider (ISP) and others who wants to monitor the content.

Hides your IP address and location

After connection the rest of the world will see the IP address assigned by us instead of the original. Also the location data which could show city or more details, gone.

Simple, quick, no limitations

Installation and connecting is very simple, only a few clicks and you can enjoy the internet freedom without limitation*. We don\’t have any speed or traffic limits, and never will be.

Internet without limitations

Browsing filtered websites

Sites filtered by internet providers or governmental censorship will be available again. China is blocking Facebook? No problem! Playing games from school network? Not an issue anymore!

Access disallowed games

Banned games and other provider restrictions can be bypassed, for example in schools or workplace. Using the vipVPN all communication is going through encrypted HTTPS channels, which seems to be browsing and as such can go through proxies.

No geolocation restrictions

No matter where you actually connect from, websites will consider our server and IP address to give location-based access or limitation.

Bypass censorship and surveillance

Are you in a country where Facebook or Twitter is not working? Using vipVPN the restrictions in high censorship countries can be bypassed. Ask for details and for a try!

Protection on the internet

Against hackers and thiefts

Using the vipVPN encrypted channel not only hides you from ISP monitoring, but protects from hacker attacks on local network as well. ARP/DNS poisoning and man-in-the-middle attack mitigated!

No monitoring or logging

We do not monitor or log your internet traffic, however using the secure encrypted vipVPN channel will disallow your internet provides to log as they normally do.

Do not follow me

Using the IP address we provide, with its geolocation, and our DNS server internet tracking will be limited. Do not allow global corporations to know all about you!

Works on all of your devices

No technical knowledge required

Installation and usage of vipVPN is really simple, no technical knowledge is required. We provide detailed descriptions and answer any question immediately.


Compatible with all of your devices! The VPN protocols we provide covers every popular operating system, cell phone and customizable router.

Multiple VPN protocols available

Every current and popular VPN protocols are supported by our servers, you can use the best in any given situation. SoftEther, OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, PPTP


1690 Ft / hó

1 hónap

  • Paid monthly, 1690 Ft/mo
  • SoftEther/OpenVPN/SSTP/L2TP/PPTP
  • Every vipVPN server accessible


1090 Ft / hó

12 hónap

  • Paid annually, 13080 Ft/yr
  • SoftEther/OpenVPN/SSTP/L2TP/PPTP
  • Every vipVPN server accessible
  • Save 35%


1350 Ft / hó

6 hónap

  • Paid semiannually, 8100 Ft/syr
  • SoftEther/OpenVPN/SSTP/L2TP/PPTP
  • Every vipVPN server accessible
  • Save 20%


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